Massage Therapy

If you’re not actually injured or in serious pain but just feeling generally stiff – you will benefit from seeing our massage therapist, Susan. She is an experienced massage professional who is based at Mt Wellington Physiotherapy. She has passion for relieving your tight muscles and making you feel “like new” again. Massage can be very helpful for you especially if you:

  • are an athlete and need an extra recovery strategy
  • have an office job and get stiff neck and back
  • are under stress and feel tension building up in your muscles
  • exercise hard but often find yourself sore the following day

Therapeutic massage improves your sense of well-being and relieves muscle aches and tension. In the hands of an experienced and skilled massage professional you will feel that your stress and stiffness melts away.

Call us on 09-5328942 to book your session.

P.S. Please note that currently Susan only sees clients on Saturdays at our Mt Wellington clinic.
P.P.S. Susan is an expert in:

  • soft tissue massage
  • sports massage
  • deep tissue massage
  • relaxation massage
Mt Wellington Physiotherapy Located at
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Phone: 09-5328942